Our Philosophy

Our PhilosophyWe believe our philosophy to be unique in the world of charities.

So what makes us different? What sets Simply Smiles apart? What makes us worthy of your support?

It is our dedication to each child’s today and each child’s tomorrow. And it is our attention to the importance of moments of joy in that child’s life.

As our name implies, Simply Smiles works to create smiles on the faces of impoverished children. Those moments, those smiles, are mandatory building blocks toward providing a child with a bright future. Just as important as food, clothing, shelter, and education is the emphasis we place on developing memories of happiness and joy for those in our care.

We throw birthday parties for children living in orphanages, break piñatas with starving children in the jungle, and spend Christmas morning handing out presents to children living in a garbage dump.

We believe creating just one smile on a child’s face can change their life forever. We’ve seen it a thousand times, and we cherish each and every time a child Simply Smiles…

Abigail Smile